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21th & 22nd FEBRUARY, 2019

RED Summit - Europe

After the tremendous success of the East Africa Edition, the West Africa Edition, and the India Edition- the RED summit is all set to march forward to the Europe edition, which takes place on the 21st and 22nd of February, 2019. The summit will host suppliers from Europe while buyers will be participating from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Asia.

The core thought-process behind the summit stems from a place of eliminating the common pain points that plague the suppliers & buyers in commonplace networking events. Thus, through a combination of a rigorous selection process and intelligent design, the RED summit is an amalgamation of personalised face-to-face meetings, purposeful networking, and impactful knowledge sessions & panel discussions.

Along with a focused professional set-up, the RED summit also ensures that the one-to-one meetings take place with either C-level executives or key-decision makers. Hence, providing a forum to explore better business opportunities to forge strong and lasting business relationships.

The pre-scheduled face-to-face interactions are placed in a definite context, which assures a dialogue that is substantial and meaningful. The RED summit caters to the specific requirements and needs of each attendee through its personalised agenda and assures maximised value at all levels of participation, even after the event.

Who Attends?

C-level executives and key decision makers from primarily the Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, and Mixed-use sectors will be present at the summit amongst other qualified buyers & suppliers. Residential sector tops the list with 45% attendees. Hospitality follows with 30% and commercial ranks third with 15%.

The event follows a rigorous and systematic process through which all the interactions are planned. Thus, leading to meaningful engagement, networking, and business collaborations.



Construction Owners




Hotel Operator

Hotel Owners

Interior Designers





Bath & Sanitation

Doors & Windows

Electronic Equipment


Environmental Product


Fitness Spa



Gate & Parking System


Hardware & Fittings

Hospitality Solution


IT Solutions

Lightings Solution

Building Materials






Solar Panels





  • CXOs
  • MDs
  • VPs
  • HODs
  • GMs

Event Format


With a guest list that consists of 150 VIP delegates, we ensure personal attention and productive networking opportunities to every participant. Both the suppliers and buyers are chosen on fixed and elaborate pre-qualification criteria. Thus, eliminating any possibility of discrepancy or dissatisfaction to all the parties involved in any manner. Moreover, based on the requirements, the suppliers and the buyers choose who they want to collaborate with in meaningful one-to-one meetings on the days of the event.

On the day:

On the day of the summit, you'll be a part of a forum that will facilitate meaningful sharing of knowledge along with insightful discussions on the latest trends in the industry. Along with exchanging of cards, the attendees of the RED summit will engage in one to one meetings with leaders and key decision makers from across the industry and strike business collaborations. These encounters are facilitated in a systematic manner through carefully-designed networking activities. The suppliers showcase their product lines to multiple qualified buyers who will be present at the event. To aid with the navigation through various facets of the RED Summit, a key-account manager is allocated who will help maximizes networking opportunities.


Even after the event, the RED Summit assures personal assistance through the key-account managers. Along with following up regarding the meetings, the manager will act on any postponement by setting-up another meet in accordance with the buyers and suppliers preferences. Meetings between the buyers and the suppliers are tracked and the progress is monitored. In the case of any feedback, we also try to bring in more suppliers in order to meet the buyers' requirements. If any other requirement arises post the event, a pro-active support is provided.

Qualification Process

Stage 1

  • The attending buyer should be the key decision-maker or in- charge of buying products. The concerned person should also be equipped with the technical know-how of the requirements
  • They should have a stipulated spending budget to procure products for the projects that are represented at the summit
  • The requirement to buy products preferably should be in the next 0 To 12 Months

Stage 2

At the final stage, the buyer gets to fill an online project questionnaire in the form of A BOQ in which they mention –

  • Specific product requirements for the project
  • Kind of projects they are working on and the project stage
  • Budget allocated for the required products

Through an approach that is most direct, the buyers participating in the RED summit can source new and innovative supplier solutions. Buyers, as per their preference, can handpick business meeting and also avail the chance to network and collaborate with industry peers. The qualification process ensures supplier efficiency as well as cost-saving opportunities. The event experience is designed and curated for each buyer to maximise results.


  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Office
  • Hospital
  • Residential
  • Specification HeadsRetail
  • Education

Buyer Attendees

  • Principal Architects
  • Director Projects and Procurements
  • Interior Designers
  • Director Procurement
  • Owner Representatives

Confirmation Stage

Stage 1

  • Based on the requirements furnished by the confirmed buyers, there should be an active demand for your product/ service
  • Your company’s product/service should be recommended by the attendees of our initiative.
  • The requirement to buy products should be preferably in the next 0 To 12 months

Stage 2

  • Based on our stringent qualification criteria, we will confirm the final list of suppliers
  • Compliance with the buyer’s budget and quality after sales service
  • The capacity to deliver within the stipulated time frame

For business development, the RED summit is the most direct approach. Our suppliers can handpick business meetings as per their preference. Our team expertly matches suppliers with buyers to ensure aligned interests and requirements. Throughout the summit, a supplier will engage in face-to-face meetings with key decision makers from the buyers' end. Along with meaningful networking and collaboration with industry peers, the suppliers get a chance to distinguish themselves and showcase innovative solutions to the buyers.

Supplier Categories

  • HVAC
  • Automation
  • Tiles
  • Bath & Sanitation
  • Paints
  • Lightings Solution
  • Fitness Spa
  • Hospitality Solution
  • Hardware & Fittings
  • Electronic Equipment
  • IT Solutions
  • Gate & Parking System
  • Elevators
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Environmental Product
  • Solar Panels
  • Building Materials
  • Flooring
  • Doors Windows
  • Sealants
  • Safety
  • Power
  • Roofing

Confirmation Stage

Our Speakers


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"This was a very engaging event from the beginning, and we had more meetings than expected. The 2 days were very busy and GBB helped us manage really well with this busy schedule. We will definitely be back next year."

CEO | Energy Green

"This event was well organised and the level of attendees were beyond my expectations. Top companies from across the globe attended this summit and delivering our presentation to them was great. We hope that GBB will host these kind of summits in the future, and Adjaye Assosciates will definitely be a part of it."

Director-African Projects | Adjaye Assosciates

"The RED Summit was very informative and a well executed event, the meetings we had were great and the focus on the type of Buyers was perfect. Cheers to GBB and applaud their team for an outstanding effort."

Operations Manager EMEA | Peavey Electronics

"This was a great event, we were allowed to meet many different suppliers Face-To-Face as well as establish a good network. The panel discussions were very insightful as the talks revolved around the lingering problems we are trying to solve in the real estate market. It was a great place to initiate collaborations and access to new building solutions."

Director | Greenline Development

"The RED Summit was very well organized and moderated in order to give important details of the African Status in the Real Estate market. The event was executed flawlessly and with many Buyers showing interest in our products, we hope to close many deals soon. Good Job GBB!"

Area Sales Manager | LED Linear

“This was our first time and we were really impressed by this platform. Meeting different people in our field was great. The GBB organisation managed the organisation of the event really well. It was really a great experience and we will certainly be attending the next summit.”

Business Developer | Siemens

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